I just got back from taking the Lovely Miss Courtney to  breakfast. Now that she’s getting older and busier (so am I), we don’t get those times as often.

But aside from our scheduling logistics, it’s pretty easy for the Lovely Miss Courtney and I to go to breakfast. Even on weeks when it’s tight financially, grand slam breakfasts are pretty cheap. So I’m thankful.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, there are kids who would never dream of going to Denny’s for a grand slam breakfast. Getting any kind of breakfast, at all, isn’t guaranteed for them.

I’ve attached a video of Loving One By One providing food for children in one of the poorest areas of Kampala, Uganda. No grand slam breakfasts, but those sandwiches look pretty good.

This summer, I plan to be part of the Loving One By One team. If you would like to help make that happen – and I could really use your help – contact me at

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