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Why I Won’t Yelp About Food

I’ve never been a big Yelp-er, but once in a while, when a restaurant or other business really does a great job, or more often a really bad job, I’ve felt compelled to tell the world about it. And today, … Continue reading

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Yesterday I Got Older

Yesterday was my birthday. That’s good news and bad news; good, because birthdays are generally fun. You get stuff. You hang out with people you like. (Yesterday I got a new ukulele, which is good because you can never have … Continue reading

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We Might Lose a Guitar, But It’s OK

Today, I loaned a school guitar to a middle school kid. It’s quite possible this kid will lose it, or break it, or forget he has this guitar. But it’s fine. I’ve known this guy since he was in 1st … Continue reading

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How to Install Outdoor Christmas Lights

1. Go to garage to get the lights, which you packed last year in a place that would be easy to find. 2. After opening 11 boxes of Christmas stuff and moving countless items, get the lights you packed last … Continue reading

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Fun Signs From the Bus

In Uganda, we spend much of our two weeks on a bus, for hours at a time. Everything we do is far away, but if you want to get in there and help people in some of those out-of-the-way places, … Continue reading

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Winding Down at Acholi Quarter

The Acholi Quarter is a neighborhood in Kampala, where around 11,000 people from the Acholi tribe live. Or maybe more accurately, where they’ve ended up. After a few decades of atrocities from Joseph Kony and others in Sudan and Northern … Continue reading

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Reading Glasses and Teenage Moms

Today in Uganda (July 4, 2017) we held another medical clinic, this time at a small village church about 45 minutes from where we’re staying. As usual, I worked in optometry – which means, I gave reading glasses to people. … Continue reading

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