Uganda Stories

In July of 2011, I went to Uganda for two weeks with Loving One by One. I wrote several   blog posts from there, and a few right after I got home, related to the life-changing experience. Here are the links to those posts.

The First Full Day – How to Use a Boda Boda

Short List of Cool Things In Uganda Today

Team Six

The Convalescent Center and the Hospital

How I Became An Optometrist

Finding The Spot

Our Day Off At Home

Brain Dump From Uganda, July 11

It Only Hurts When I Walk

Uganda Wrap Up


Not Exactly Guilt But Something Else

Followup On Juliette

A Happy Ending For Grace


An Unusual Opportunity to Give

Top Ten Reasons You Should Go To Uganda

The Worst Place

Finally, here is a link to a photobucket site, where you can see over three hundred photos from various parts of the trip. I hope after seeing the photos, and reading the blog posts, some of you will decide to make a LOBO trip to Uganda yourselves.