Waking Up In Africa – Photos & Video

Here are a few photos of people and places from Waking Up in Africa. Also, there is a video of what we saw in an area called “The Worst Place.”

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2 Responses to Waking Up In Africa – Photos & Video

  1. Janna says:

    Sigh. It makes me want to get in the car and just GO! Maybe one day. It breaks my heart. It inspires me. I’ll have to give more thought and prayer as what my responsibility is in this situation. The people with jugs, is that their water source!?!

  2. charleysblog says:

    They use those jugs to go get water from a city-provided faucet in the neighborhood, or from a local swamp. Both water sources are filled with bacteria.

    I hope you can go one day! Maybe when the kids are a little older. You’ll be great over there.

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