I Think I’ve Figured Out the Catholics

No offenense intended by the title.

It’s just that I’m not Catholic, have never been, and have always been a little puzzled by some of what they do. But my recent revelation came from watching a rerun of “West Wing.”

The president’s daughter was kidnapped. In the middle of all that was happening to get her back, and all that was happening to keep the country running, the president and his family arranged with Father What’s His Name to celebrate a private mass.

Being non-Catholic myself, if my daughter was kidnapped, I wouldn’t exactly do it that way. First of all, I wouldn’t arrange anything called “celebrating.” But as I watched the next scene, something struck me –

The priest conducted the mass the same way it’s always conducted. There was, as far as I could tell, no “special prayer” for the kidnapped daughter. All they did was spend time in God’s presence, take Communion, and simply be with Jesus.

Then it hit me – it’s not that we can’t or shouldn’t bring our specific needs to God in prayer. He actually invites us to do that. But I think I understood for the first time that our biggest need in any circumstance is simply Jesus himself.

Thank God that he’s still able to teach a 45-year-old Protestant something about what I really need.


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2 Responses to I Think I’ve Figured Out the Catholics

  1. Hip, hip, hooray . . . I’m your 1st blog customer! Well written: entertaining and edifying. Ironic that we need to take a sabbatical from active ministry to rediscover our need for the presence of Jesus. Keep up the “God” work, this is your milieu. BTW . . . an attack of the obvious as I write this: we need to start a TURF blog-site, which would include links to sites like this!!!

    We’re His blog,


    PS . . . I had to switch my blog URL to worshipsymposium.blogspot.com because I couldn’t post photos to the gloriouspraise address. So, check out the new site for kool pics.

  2. Father Rich says:

    The REAL presence of Jesus christ in the Eucharist is how the Catholic thing is normally talked about but that’s kinda academic sounding. I like you’re way “just being with Jesus” simple and you don’t have to go to seminary to understand it.Please write when you get other stuff figured out like why people look at there boogers after blow their nose.

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