The Little Choir That Thought It Could

Today, I played the piano for the Crossroad School’s choir, as they participated in the ASCI Choir Festival. “ASCI” stands for Association of Christian Schools.

It was an all-day thing in Pasadena, with a bunch of jr. high choirs from Christian schools, various types of choirs from experienced to relatively new. The Crossroad choir is fairly new and inexperienced. They participated in this last year, had a nice experience but didn’t do really well, and the music teacher had not planned to do it this year. Well, the kids talked her into it, so starting in February (i.e., last month), they started learning the required music, plus a few optional pieces on which they would be judged – kind of like the Olympics, only with music and not as lame, especially not as lame as the Winter Olympics. But I digress.

The Crossroad choir wasn’t expected to do well. They’re new, they haven’t had time to work very much, they’re almost an “inner-city” school, not as sophisticated as some of the other private Christian schools in better neighborhoods, with bigger music budgets.

THESE KIDS ROCKED TODAY! In their judging, they blew the judges away, in fact, they blew the whole audience away (consisting of the other choirs). Being a group of about three-fourths, uh, “people of color,” they found it impossible to stand still while they performed, and people loved it.

There was judging all afternoon, and a performance at night where each group got to do one of their songs, with an audience of parents and friends and other school people. Cornerstone rocked once again. Then, the night finished with all the kids in one large choir, about 500 of them, singing four songs together.

For the judging, the groups are given scores of 1-4, in several categories, with 4’s being the best.

They got almost all 4’s, with a few 3’s.

They’re already talking about how much better they’ll be next year. Maybe they will, but this will always be the year that stands out for me, when the inner-city kids went to Pasadena, and showed everyone, including themselves, what they could do.


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2 Responses to The Little Choir That Thought It Could

  1. joannmski says:

    Wow!! That is so totally cool. It reminds me of “Sister Act.” Congratulations to you and to the kids.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Precious! Love it!!
    Miss “C”

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