Missing the Point

Today, Good Friday, is a good day to get back to the point of why those of us who follow Jesus have decided to do that.

Christianity has been and continues to be widely misunderstood. Last night I was listening to a talk radio host for a few minutes. He was discussion “religion and other matters of faith,” because it was Easter week, and it seemed like a pertinent topic to him.

I need to interject here that I happen to like this guy and his show. However, last night he was missing the point.

He apparently has a reputation of being an agnostic, but he denied that, saying, “I happen to believe Christianity is a great thing. I think if everyone followed the teachings of Jesus and the principles of Christianity, the world would be a better place.” In other words, his definition and view of Christianity was about behavioral principles – love your neighbor, etc.

That’s missing the point. If you’re looking for a system of ideas to make your life better, Jesus’ ideas are good. But there are lots of other good belief systems, if it’s just about behavior. Although Jesus had a lot to say about life and relationships and practical living, that wasn’t his main point, and it shouldn’t be ours if we’re following him. That wasn’t really the problem he came to address.

Jesus came to solve a specific problem. We’re unable to know God, because of our sin. Jesus died to take our sin away. That’s it. Christianity is about being forgiven of sin, and thus being able to know God, because sin is no longer a problem.

So, enjoy the good things Jesus adds to life. Use his teachings to enhance your relationships, and follow his practical wisdom. But don’t miss the point. Don’t overlook his real purpose.


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1 Response to Missing the Point

  1. joannmski says:

    Thank you Jesus! For such a great sacrifice for us, and addressing our greatest problem, the sin that separates us from God. Christianity is indeed much more than a great set of principles.

  2. David Wilson says:

    been preaching through mark for months now and I’ve lost track of how many times Jesus said “repent and believe”.

    We might get sidetracked but He never did.

    Thanks for the good words, bro.


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