Willie Nelson Buys Hometown Church to Keep It Open

The title basically says it all. Willie Nelson’s childhood church in Abbott, Texas was closed. So Willie decided to buy it and reopen it. Here’s the story.

Having been a church guy all my life, including a fair amount of time in churches with financial struggles, this is interesting to me. It seems, from the story, that Willie isn’t interested in making the church anything but a church. But I’m wondering – could this be the beginning of a new trend of rich celebrities sponsoring churches?

It brings up all kinds of possibilities. This may not be unlike sports arenas that are named after corporations – the Staples Center here in L.A., to name one (which is all I’m able to name offhand).

We’ll see how it turns out. Be on the lookout for “Britney Spears Baptist Church,” featuring marriage and parenting classes, coming to a southern neighborhood soon.


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1 Response to Willie Nelson Buys Hometown Church to Keep It Open

  1. joannmski says:

    Wow. I hope you like your new neighborhood. Perhaps you can talk about why you moved sometime.

    Now, this is a really great idea. I am thinking of Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, or Bono as people I’d hit up off the bat. Or maybe you need someone bad, who wants to make good – I’d say Puff Daddy or Tommy Lee have something to prove PR wise and would give up the big bucks. The mind boggles!

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