Life’s Too Short…

Life’s too short to:

drink bad coffee;

play lame guitars;

not ride a bike down Haleakala crator in Maui at least once;

go to goofy churches;

spend too much time with people who are just like you;

spend too much time with people who are just plain nasty;

spend any time at all with crazy religious people (if you don’t believe me, check with Jesus on this one);

do what everyone else does;

wait around in doctors’ offices (seriously, I’ve gotta find a way to make those guys wait for me);

think about yourself too much;

only think about yourself, and your little world;

read the same blogs, and go the same websites all the time (hey people, it’s the whole freakin’ world out there on your computer, so why not see something new once in a while);

keep all your ducks in a row. Pick one or two strategic ducks, keep just those ducks in a row, and you’ll probably be just fine.


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1 Response to Life’s Too Short…

  1. joannmski says:

    -spend too much time with people, period

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