Top Ten Things That Look Cool in Black and White

While changing the look of my blog a day or two ago, I decided (or maybe I felt led) to put a B&W photo at the top. WordPress allows a lot of creative freedom I didn’t have with Blogger.

Anyway, in the “about” section, I made the comment that people tend to look smarter in B&W photos. But not only that, a lot of things just look a lot cooler in B&W. For example:

10.  Photos of the beach

9.  Photos of old houses

8.  Photos of interesting architecture

7.  Photos of black people

6.  Photos of pianos

5.  Photos of nature

4.  Photos of pianos in nature

3.  Photos of pianos, black people and interesting architecture at the beach

2.  Photos of homeless people

1.  Photos of raindrops and roses, and whiskers on kittens. At the beach. Playing the piano.


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2 Responses to Top Ten Things That Look Cool in Black and White

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I think you missed nuns, penguins and all the great movie classics!! Long live, “Ebony and ivory!!”

  2. Joann says:

    11. Old people. It really accentuates the wrinkles.

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