What Was the Purpose of This Meeting???

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Apparently, at some point while Ford was president, he hung out with Billy Preston and George Harrison in the Oval Office. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation. I’m not sure what these three have in common that would require a meeting, but they do look like they were having a good time.

Here are some of my theories on why these three got together:

1.  To work on reuniting the Beatles (as I recall, it was around this time that Saturday Night Live was also pushing for a reunion).

2.  To plot the assassination of John Lennon.

3.  To discuss the formation of The New Beatles, a trio which would include Harrison, Preston and Ford.

4.  They were all three lured into the Oval Office at the same time, as part of a plot against them. While they were there, a slow-acting poisonous gas was released through the air vents, resulting in the eventual demise of each of them. This may have been the work of Paul McCartney, who has never been in favor of a Beatles reunion, and saw this meeting as a threat. This was an ingenious plan on the part of McCartney, as the gas was slow enough that each death appeared innocent and completely unrelated – UNTIL NOW!!!!


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1 Response to What Was the Purpose of This Meeting???

  1. macka says:

    I hope they’d respect their own legacies..
    Beatles is enough.

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