Dog Improv

At tonight’s performance of “Annie,” the dog playing the part of “Sandy” demonstrated impressive improvisation skills.

What the dog is supposed to do:

1. Wait offstage for Annie to call her

2.  Come to Annie when called

3.  Stand next to Annie while she talks to a kid portraying a police officer

4. Come to Annie, answering to the name “Sandy,” to prove to the cop she really belongs to Annie (which she doesn’t; it’s all a lie)

5.  Sit down beautifully next to Annie while she sings “Tomorrow,” inspiring “ahh’s” and tears from the audience

What the dog actually did:

1.  Ignore Annie when she called her onto the stage

2.  Come partially onto the stage, just head and half of the body, then turn around and go back

3.  Let Annie basically drag her onto the stage, while covering for the fact that the dog can’t/won’t obey a simple command

4.  Actually do ONE THING right; i.e., come from the cop to Annie, inspiring cheers from the audience

5.  Sit down next to Annie while Annie begins singing “Tomorrow”

6. Lie down next to Annie after about half a verse of “Tomorrow”

7.  Begin licking herself in a private place – onstage in front of 500 people – while Annie continues to sing “Tomorrow”

8.  Walk majestically offstage with Annie when the song is over

There will be two more performances tomorrow (Saturday), with yet more opportunities for the dog’s creative interpretation of her role. I can’t wait.


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2 Responses to Dog Improv

  1. michele says:

    I’ve always loved improv…

  2. joannmski says:

    I thought he had the easiest job in show business!

    Perhaps, if one just goes onstage and begins licking oneself, it IS the easiest job in show business…

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