Words That Rhyme With Biola

Having just completed my work at Biola University, and having just gotten a nice congratulatory comment from my friend Father Rich (who, for some reason, enjoys saying the word “Biola” over and over again) –

I felt it would be edifying to make a list of words that rhyme with “Biola.” (By the way, the word “Biola” was originally an acronym for “Bible Institute of Los Angeles” back in 1908. Although it’s no longer actually in Los Angeles, it’s still sort of close).




Capitola (a small town in northern California)



Any other suggestions???


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3 Responses to Words That Rhyme With Biola

  1. rich says:

    Gandola(Italian boat that comes with a guy that looks like Where’s Waldo)
    Crayola(toddler food)
    Gargonzola(smelly cheeze)

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Well, in the south they use “Oil o’Olay”(moisturizer)…Toyota Corolla(car)…payola(reimbursement)…”bowl o'(insert favorite cereal or ice cream”…Coca Cola(popular soft drink)…Angola (country??)”O Solomea” (Italian love song.) XO

  3. joannmski says:

    Ebolla (an African disease)
    Ricola (a cough drop)
    Copolla (a director)

    Although even better, you could start making them up.

    “Hey, give it a try-ola.”
    “Don’t be sad, you don’t need to cry-ola.”
    “We’re going to have a fish fry-ola.”
    “You’ve been down. What’s wrong? But I don’t want to pry-ola.”

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