Thursday Night Brain Dump

Random stuff that needs to fall out of my brain…

1.  School was closed today, except for meetings that didn’t involve me. I stayed home, did some personal things, studied for Sunday morning (I have the privilege of speaking this week), and just chilled.

2.  Tomorrow is Bagel Friday. Hopefully I won’t have to get rough with any forklift drivers  (that could turn out embarrassing for me)

3.  I like President Bush when he yells at Congress to get off their butts and get stuff done, like he did today. Admittedly, Bush has become a mixed bag for me, but no one can yell at Congress like he does, and there’s something incredibly entertaining about that.

4.  Grey’s Anatomy has really good writing. And really dumb characters. Really dumb. I mean, if you actually knew people who were making decisions like these people make decisions, you’d get pretty upset with them.

5.  I felt like such the definitive dad today. Miss Courtney backed my Pathfinder into a metal dumpster, breaking my left taillight, and nothing else. Without me getting mad, and without me lecturing (that much), she took money out of her car savings fund, paid me for a new taillight, which I bought from the Nissan dealer. Then I installed the thing just as it was getting dark. The only thing that would have made the experience more complete would have been to make her install it.

5b.  Oh yeah, I did all that taillight stuff and still had time to go to Borders and study.

  6.  Hanging out at home today, while the girls had stuff to do, I made a beef stew in the crockpot. Not all that thrilling, and I’m sure there are wonderful cooks out there who are scorning my use of a crockpot. But let me tell you, when it’s getting colder in the evening, and you walk into the house and smell stew that’s been cooking all day, that’s the coolest thing. So between cooking a stew, and fixing a taillight, I was quite Mr. Domestic today.

7.  Last night I dropped by the Fall Festival at the end to help clean up. Being a person with mild breathing difficulties, and a slight bad back from an old injury, I decided to carry heavy bales of hay. Today I questioned the wisdom of that decision.

A Thursday off is a good thing. Actually, ANY day off is a good thing. I’m not complaining, and I’m more than thankful as a musician to have plenty of work to do. It’s just the season when I have something to do almost every day. So a day when my school is closed, and I can get out of meetings others are going to and just hang at home, is a great day.


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2 Responses to Thursday Night Brain Dump

  1. BIlly Cathcart says:

    I love your train(s) of thought! Reading this entry is almost like using the improbability drive on the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Website hosted by the BBC…

  2. joannmski says:

    Hmm. Only seven things.

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