Some Things Are Just WRONG

Tonight I needed to go to I-Tunes and get a copy of “Put a Little Love In Your Heart.” I chose the version recorded by Al Green and Annie Lenox (formerly of the Eurythmics).

One of the fun things about I-Tunes is you not only find the version of the song you want, but you also can find OTHER versions of that song; many of these versions make you want to hurt yourself. Such was the feeling I had when I discovered that Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner released an album many years ago called “Spaced Out” (ha ha, because of the Star Trek thing).

It turns out that Leonard Nimoy sang “Put a Little Love In Your Heart” on this illustrious recording. You can find it on I-Tunes if you just have to have it. But I listened to a clip of it, and it wasn’t a good thing. You might want to learn from my pain and spare yourself this experience.

PS – On an entirely better subject, and I’ll post more about this in a few days, the Lovely Miss Kelley had her surgery today. A nerve stimulator device was implanted, and though it was a rather invasive ordeal, she is doing OK tonight. In a day or two she’ll be experiencing a lot less pain from the goofy nerves in her arm.


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1 Response to Some Things Are Just WRONG

  1. michele says:

    if this was april fools day, i would think you were joking about that song, and that album.

    i wish you were…

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