The past few weeks have been a stretch in a lot of ways. And the past few days, I spent time with my extended family, which was emotional, but pretty great.

Anyway, I’m spent. I have nothing left. I’m at that kind of tired where your body and brain hurt, and you’re kind of depressed.

Walking a few miles around Wilson Park tonight didn’t cure everything, but it took me up a few notches. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, which is my official second day of teaching at Crossroad Christian Academy. I get to meet the kids I didn’t meet last week.

A good night’s sleep, and a bunch of new kids to laugh at tomorrow will be a good thing.


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2 Responses to Spent

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Sounds like you’re in just the perfect position for God to do a new and wonderful thing. I pray that He gives you eyes to see all that He’s been doing…and will continue to do…during these crazy, exhausting (in so many ways) past few weeks. Keep walking!! Keep praying…keep trusting…keep hoping…it truly isn’t in vain.
    Sweet dreams and happy laughing tomorrow!!

  2. joannmski says:

    Yah. I get that way when I have too many people oriented things. Hope you have a very refreshing week.

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