More Church Drama

The last several weeks, going to church has been a lot of work – but ultimately worth the effort. To catch up on stuff, you can read “Figuring Out Sundays” and “Getting Smacked Around at Church.”

Returning to Mosaic tonight with the Lovely Miss Courtney, the music was rough again, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually. Erwin McManus was once again gone, but the guy filling in for him rocked, and Courtney really liked him, which is kind of important for her right now.

But the drama occurred on the way home, on the 110 Freeway at the 405 Interchange. A Highway Patrol car was in the lane next to us and I commented to Courtney that it was a good thing I wasn’t speeding. Suddenly, that cop appeared magically behind us with his lights on. So I moved to the right and tried to find a place to get off the freeway, but since moving to the right put me onto the wrong direction on the 405, the next exit was like 2 miles away.

So I thought I’d just let him follow me for the 2 miles, because after all, I wanted to be safe and all that. But after a minute he said something almost unintelligible on his little car PA thing, but I was able to make the words “pull to the right.” We did, and those 30 seconds between us pulling over and him coming to the window seemed like much longer.

Well, it turns out that he just wanted to tell me my lights weren’t on. I have these auto on/off lights in my car, and had the thing set to the wrong position somehow. That was it; no handcuffs, helicopters, breaking news car chases or guns blazing.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next Sunday in my quest to try to become a normal church guy.


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1 Response to More Church Drama

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Wait a minute…let me get this straight. You had a PRIME opportunity to get on the news/shut-down the freeway/ helicopters and search lights/interrupt shows already in progress…and you blew it??!! Oh my gosh…there’s nothing quite like the red light of a police car (complete with “pull over immediately!”) to get your old heart racing!! Sure hope next week is a lot less “dramatic!” And so happy that Courtney liked the speaker!!

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