End of Year Oasis

This has been a stresssful year. That’s an understatement. And the stuff is going to continue for a few more months, in all likelihood.

But I’m in the middle of what can only be called an oasis period. A little break for rest and regrouping. It’s not like I planned to take this little break; on the contrary, the end of the year ususally isn’t all that restful to me. I’m not always a good rester.

But a few things happened which put me in a total slow-down mode over the past week or two. First, my mom’s generosity (and good timing) allowed Courtney and I to take a five-day trip to Oklahoma for Christmas. Now I realize OK isn’t high on most people’s lists of places to visit someday, but being able to hang out with the family there (plus a dog named Judy and two cats) made it a great week.

Then, after one night back in my house, I left the next afternoon for Oxnard, CA, to the Mandalay Beach Resort, where I was the music guy for a church high school retreat. It wasn’t my church, and I didn’t know any of the kids, but the guy in charge is a friend of mine so I was asked to go and help out. I gotta tell ya, I’ve never done a high school retreat like this one before. It wasn’t the typical rustic (i.e., Hell with Cabins) church camp. This was an Embassy Suites located steps away from the beach. And for those who don’t live in civilization, the beach on the Central Coast in California in the winter time is amazing. Cold, but amazing.


Above left – the resort from their website. Above right – the view from my room.

So in the next few weeks, the pace will pick up again, and the stress of last year will continue a little longer. But it’s been a much better break than I could have planned for myself. Makes me think I’m not the one who orchestrated it.

Thanks God.


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  1. joannmski says:

    Oh, nice. Have a good rest.

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