The Music Zone

I had a brief phone call with a friend today, and he commented about musicians – he said it seems we just like doing it so much, that often the money (or lack of it) isn’t really the point.

He’s right. Although I do like money, and need money, and it’s always fun when music and money are packaged together nicely. But I digress.

I think what my friend was describing is that place I call the Music Zone – when what you’re playing, and/or who you’re playing with, and the way it sounds, and maybe the coffee – all come together just right and you could do it for many hours and not notice the hours going by. When all these conditions are right, you don’t worry about whether it’s a paid thing, or an underpaid thing, or a volunteer thing. The Music Zone can’t be bought.

The Music Zone can help temporarily alleviate a lot of crap. During the 2-3 hours I spent tonight in the Music Zone, the hard stuff went away for awhile. It’ll be back, but tonight it took a back seat. Life crap isn’t allowed in the Music Zone. Plus, the Music  Zone isn’t easy to get to; it takes a lot of concentration, and that kind of edges out the crap.


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1 Response to The Music Zone

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I love this!! I refer to getting into “the zone” when I’m performing. It’s this WONDERFUL, God-place that’s completely safe and lets you just enjoy and feel free enough to live out what He’s doing through you. It’s AWESOME and money is so not even in the picture! In fact, it can make it kinda nerve-wracking because there’s always that little anxiety that the “talent police” will show up and publicly denounce you as a fraud (don’t know if this is a musican’s nightmare but it sure is for us actors!!) There’s unspeakable joy that occurs before, during and after this experience. You’re doing what you were born to do… what a precious gift… to be shared and completely grateful for.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my Brutha!! XOXO

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