American Idol Review – So Far, Whatever

For some reason, I feel it’s my job to critique the American Idol process each season. I don’t know how I got that job, and no one has ever come to me and said – “it’s your job to critique AI each season” – but I just feel it. It’s like my calling or something…

So far this year – there have been the usual bad singers, and there have been some good singers who are going to Hollywood. And last night during the San Francisco auditions, I saw a kid I know in the crowd waiting to audition.

But the verdict so far – I don’t remember anyone. Although many singers are getting through the next round, none of them are standing out to me. They all seem pretty normal so far.

I’m still waiting for someone amazing.


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2 Responses to American Idol Review – So Far, Whatever

  1. Anonymous says:

    So was that Sabrina Fuster you saw? We thought we saw her but we weren’t absolutely positive. (Well, Alison was, but she doesn’t look like I remember her!) We didn’t know she was auditioning, though, so maybe not…

  2. Tracy Schiller says:

    Oh, that was me, by the way! I didn’t realize it would post as anonymous! I’m so tech-challenged!


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