Technically An Adult

Technically, my daughter is an adult. She’s almost 19, which means she’s been technically an adult for almost a year.  She’s a technical adult.

But almost anyone with a daughter who’s 18-19 knows that this isn’t completely the case. Especially for dads. We have a ever-changing view of our daughters – one minute they’re adults, the next minute they’re babies. And I’m not referring to how they act – I’m talking about how we see them. They can be doing a perfectly normal thing, and our perception of them can change, without warning, from one minute to the next.

So I just need to say officially that even though the goal was to turn the person on the left into the person on the right, I’m not OK with it.


PS – the reason the photo on the left is taller is because Courtney is actually much taller now than she was when the photo on the left was taken;

PS #2 – there was originally a prom guy in the photo on the right, but I cropped him out. That’s one of the few small pleasures we dads have.


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2 Responses to Technically An Adult

  1. joannmski says:

    I know. We don’t know if Jessica is buying or bringing in San Francisco today.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Love the pics and boy can I relate!!! So precious!! XO

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