Easter Tour 2009

It’s time for that annual feature on charleysblog – a recap of church stuff I experienced this Easter season. By “annual feature,” I actually mean that although this is the first time I’ve ever done this, I may do it again in future years.

On the night before Palm Sunday, aka Palm Sunday Eve, I had a chance to visit All Saints Church in Santa Clarita CA. The pastor, or priest, or guy in charge, is my good friend Rich. Many people call him “Father Rich.” All Saints is affiliated with the Charismatic Episcopal Church. The best way I can describe them is Sort of Catholic, charismatic, liturgical – with some of the most beautiful worship traditions I’ve ever experienced. And even though they’re Sort of Catholic, they do have carpet in their building, which is a plus.

On Good Friday, I went to Mosaic’s Good Friday service in Redondo Beach, which is about 10 minutes from where I live. Mosaic is what I would consider my church – it’s the place I go every weekend. Although, I don’t go to the Redondo Beach location, because normally my work interferes with getting to that location’s weekly gathering. Anyway, the GF service was excellent. Mosaic is an incredibly creative, artistic place – and the pastor, Erwin McManus, is a teacher who really speaks to me at this point in my life.

Sunday morning, Easter morning, I had an opportunity to play keyboard with the band at Crossroad Church in Gardena. I love these people. This church and I have crossed paths several times since the early 80’s. Most recently, I had the honor of being their worship/music guy for a couple of years. Although I no longer attend this church regularly, it’s always fun to be asked back to participate in the music. This place loves their community and loves God. They have an incredible history behind them, and I believe an amazing future in front of them. I’m looking forward to being with them again in a few weeks. We had a chance today to bring together some very talented musicians, most of whom I’ve played with for years in various settings. And for the record, I just have to say that Gene is the best drummer in the world. And if he’s not the best drummer in the world, he is at least the best drummer I know within a 3-mile radius of my house.  **Note to those who felt we were too loud at Crossroad this morning – I disagree.

Finally, tonight I returned to Mosaic at their Downtown location, which is where I normally attend. I wasn’t aware that Erwin’s message would be identical to the Good Friday service, but the music was completely different and there was a dance performance that just knocked me out. **Note to those who felt we were too loud at Crossroad this morning – be thankful you weren’t at Mosaic tonight.


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3 Responses to Easter Tour 2009

  1. mmichele says:

    I just hate the ‘it’s too loud’ complaint.

    i always just want to say, “WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

  2. Mark P says:

    Thanks, Charley! Already looking forward to next year’s installment.

    Good Friday and Easter are the two times a year I miss (and seek out) the ritual and liturgy of the Catholic (and Episcopal, among others) Church. Growing up Catholic, on Holy Thursday we would go visit 7 churches! Then, Friday, no TV or talking between noon and three. Saturday, we would go to a Slovenian Catholic church, every family with a picnic basket of food to be eaten on Easter Day, and the priest would bless the food. Weird, I know, but meaningful to us, and the blessed food always tasted better on Easter. Then, Easter morning, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today…Aaaaaaaleeeluia!”

    This year on Good Friday evening, I did turn on the TV and was again so very disappointed at the state of Christian (?) TV (another blog topic for you?). The Catholic channel I get had the stations of the cross (what a meaningful reminder of all that Christ went through for us on that day). But the Christian Channels? Well, GODTV was showing a service from somewhere with people rolling around on the floor and lots of shouting. Not sure who that’s supposed to attract.

  3. joannmski says:

    Woo! That was a busy Easter Tour. It was great to have you, up here in the hinterlands.

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