Here at charleysblog, we pride ourselves on staying away from crude humor just to get a cheap laugh. However, today we are laying down our pride.

At today’s school assembly, a group of 5th grade students gave a short presentation. Here’s a little background….

Our school, like most elementary schools, has a supply of playground balls. And like most elementary schools, our kids use those playground balls until they no longer hold air and are pretty worthless.

So our 5th grade class arranged, as a kind of goodbye gesture, to get a bunch of new playground balls of various colors for the school. That was fine.

Where it got crazy was when someone made all these complicated ball policies, including specific colors assigned to specific grade levels, and other stuff. And with all these ball policies, there of course had to be a lengthy explanation.

So this morning, in front of the entire student body and staff, and lots of parents, on a microphone, a bunch of 5th grade students, with serious tones and straight faces, took turns explaining the various facets of our complicated ball policy.

Because we at charleysblog pride ourselves on not resorting to crude humor just to get a cheap laugh, I won’t go into more detail of what happened next.

Let me just say that if you have a crowd of people together, including elementary students, and you keep saying word “balls,” and if you say things like “kindergartners, these are your balls,” and “If you have any questions or problems with your balls come see us”…’s going to be very difficult to maintain any kind of decorum in the crowd.

**Oh yeah, we ended today’s assembly with – I’m not making this up – “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”


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1 Response to Balls

  1. Doug Levy says:

    Dude, I was almost peeing myself, just reading your very “un-descriptive” description… I would have had to leave the room…

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