Three Lazy Nights

The past three nights, I’ve kind of been a lazy guy. Maybe even a flake.

Oh sure, it was OK at first. I’ve been working really hard lately, as I usually do. I have a certain amount of personal stress in my life. Plus last week I had what I’m pretty sure was the swine flu. So when I got to the middle of this week and realized I was going to have THREE SLOW WORK DAYS in a row, I thought, “this is good. I need this.” Three slow work days meant very little prep work.

But then, I pushed it too far. I took what should have been maybe ONE lazy night, and turned it into three. And now while my other projects are glaring at me to get them done, I’m faced with a problem – I just don’t feel like doing them. And believe me, I’m around children enough to know they have a certain amount of wisdom in this area – if you don’t feel like doing something, then you shouldn’t have to do it.

Well, I can’t let this go on. So I did one of the most radical self-interventions I know for laziness… I called two people and promised them I’d have certain things done for them by the end of next week. That does it; as much as I don’t feel like working, I feel even less like being a flake.

So, the lazy three nights are over.

(Starting tomorrow).


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