I’m writing this on July 20, 2009. It is the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. It seems like an important thing to cover.

Although I was pretty sure Larry King was an idiot before, I thought I’d just tune into his show for a minute, thinking, “He’s probably interviewing Neil Armstrong or someone like that.”

But no. Larry is interviewing that crazy loon, Joe Jackson, getting that crazy loon’s insightful information on Michael Jackson’s children.

Sure, landing on the moon was important; some might even say it was an event that changed the world. But apparently, it’s not as important as Twisted Crazy Abusive Father Joe Jackson’s views on Michael Jackson’s children (including whether he thinks they’ll go into show business or not).

So forget the moon. CNN is now back to being the “All Michael Jackson, All the Time” News Channel. And Larry King is still an idiot.


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4 Responses to LARRY KING’S AN IDIOT!!!

  1. peet says:

    hi charlie, yes, Larry King is an idiot. Still.

  2. jean Castaldo says:

    Yes, He is King @ being an Idiot (his love life included).

  3. Leon says:

    I have never met Mr. King personally (or impersonally) but he certainly seems to have indulged in some idiot approved behavior. Of course, blame for the CNN MJ fixation may also be placed on various producers, TV network flunkies, etc.

    Then again, Mr. King could have said, “Enough is enough, and 50 is the new 47. We must cover only news of substance and importance from now on.”

    Yes, he COULD have said that, and when Neil Armstrong stepped out on to the moon for the first time, he could have said, “Look at me Ma! I’m on da moon!”

  4. Cecelia & John says:

    Maybe he should be working for the National Inquirer…or maybe not. They may be too upscale for him. lol

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