Fifth Grade Condolences

Today I returned to work at school, after taking a few days off following the passing of my mom on Tuesday night. This afternoon, one of the fifth graders gave me a handmade card, which many of the fifth graders had signed.

Pretty nice thing to do. And kind of funny, also. Here are a few of their thoughts:

Mr. Miller – I feel so, so, so, well you get the idea, sorry.

Dear Mr. Miller – Soon you will be OK (a big smiley face was drawn next to this one).

Dear Mr. Miller – I’m sorry about your mom. Here are some stickers.

And finally…

Dear Mr. Miller – I’m sorry that your mom die. You are the best music teacher ever.

I like that last one, because I think the “best music teacher ever” thing is supposed to make up for the “mom die” thing. So over the next few weeks and months when I’m having a bad day, or maybe next week at the funeral, I can say to myself, “You know, this is kind of a  hard thing. However, I can take comfort in the fact that I am, after all, the best music teacher ever. So there’s that.”

***Note to any of my readers who are overly-sensitive (and you know who you are)… Some things, no matter when they occur, are just funny. And my mom would probably be laughing at this.


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7 Responses to Fifth Grade Condolences

  1. T. Coleen says:

    You are the best music teacher ever…..and my sympathy goes out to you in your loss of your Mom.

  2. Gloria says:

    Well, I always thought you were the best Pastor ever, but I guess you’ve been elevated by 5th graders. Thanks for sharing…..I think it’s a beautiful thing!!

  3. Dick Forsythe says:

    Charley: I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. What a week this has been with Perry’s dad passing away also. May God bless and comfort you.

  4. joannmski says:

    Sorry about your mom, Charley. Good thing you are the best music teacher ever 🙂

  5. mmichele says:

    Nice to think about your mom laughing at those cards with you. And after experiencing the death of both my dearly loved inlaws this past year, I wish *I* could have gotten some fifth grade sympathy cards.

  6. KeithM says:

    What kind of stickers did you get?

  7. Leon says:

    Before my mom died in 2005, she asked that there be a mariachi band performing at her memorial gathering. She also requested that there be copious amounts of Mexican food, and many shared memories and stories. And so there was.

    Sheryl and I have been keeping you in our thoughts and our prayers.

    While I have never studied under you (but I have studied next to you…) I have no doubt that you are the best music teacher ever.

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