The School Hello

If you work in an office someplace, there’s a kind of protocol about saying “hello” to people at work. The first “hello” of the morning, the first time you see someone, is usually strong – you look them in the eye, you might smile, you might stop for a minute, and you say it with conviction – “Hello!”

Then as the day goes on, when you run into that person again and again, the “hello’s” become more subdued, gradually moving from the first strong “Hello!” into a “hi,” and eventually just a nod as you pass by. But the first “Hello!” with an exclamation point only happens once. Because it would feel weird to keep saying “Hello!” with an exclamation point all day long.

School is different. Particularly the elementary school environment. The first time a kid sees me, and EVERY time throughout the day after that, it’s always “HI MR. MILLER!” Even if they’re in a line and supposedly being quiet. Even if they’ve seen me 17 times already that day. It’s always “HI MR. MILLER!” as I walk by.

So a minute ago, as I was walking toward that famous Scottish ethnic restaurant next door, McDonalds, I passed an entire class and heard this:








At first, this kind of takes you back a little if you’re used to an office environment.  But I gotta say, sometimes it wouldn’t be a bad thing to just hire a bunch of these little guys to follow me around all day, everywhere, and say hi to me repeatedly.


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6 Responses to The School Hello

  1. Leon says:

    At least they can pronounce your name! When I worked at Calvary Baptist School for a while, the kids ended up calling me “Mr. O.”

  2. Mr. Darrell says:

    Aint it great!

  3. Gloria says:

    I love your perpective Mr. Miller.

  4. jean Castaldo says:

    I think Charlie is feeling “LOVED” ❤ haha…

  5. jean Castaldo says:

    Charley…sorry I keep spelling your name wrong…I think Charlie fits u better because you reminds me of Charlie Brown <3<3<3

  6. Britt says:

    How nice.
    Me, on-the-other-hand, passed through the elementary maze of children a few years ago to “HELLO MR. HOFFER”, “HELLO, MR HOOFER…”. And then there was a quiet one walking up to me. She had a sweet, small child, quizzical look. I expected an endearing science question like, “Why is the sky blue?” I smiled, bent down and readied a cheery “hi!” With her booted foot, she kicked the spot. I learned at that moment that Mr. Hoffer was not universally popular.

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