Christmas Music, Part III

Here’s more stuff you might like. Or you might not. But I like it, and it’s my blog, so I generally write whatever I want and don’t ask other people if they like it first. Dang, that was a little harsh. Sorry about that. Here’s the list for today…

James Taylor, At Christmas, “Who Comes This Night” – I know I mentioned James before, but I really like this song. So I thought I’d throw it out there.

John Wickham, Christmas Album, “Go Tell It on the Mountain” – This is an obscure recommendation. John Wickham is an incredible guitarist. Some might say he’s a virtuoso. In fact, I think his own website says that. Anyway, John was a prominent part of the late 70’s “Jesus Movement,” and he now lives in the San Diego area. It was fun to find that he was recording music again, and here’s some of it.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Boogie Woogie Christmas – Anything from this recording is good. Lately I’ve been especially enjoying “Man With the Bag.” “Jingle Bells” is also good, not to mention “Jingle Bell Rock,” for those who like “Jingle Bells,” but with a little more minerals. Thus, “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Stevie Wonder, “Someday At Christmas” – This song is a little preachy with the war stuff and all, but it is, after all, Stevie Wonder, and he could get up there and sing a fruitcake recipe and it would still be cool.


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