Mother’s Day Suggestions

My mom, around 1946, riding a bike without a helmet

 To all the moms out there, here are some suggestions for you today…  

1.  Go to Macaroni Grill in Torrance, Ca, where my daughter will be working today. Although she will be a hostess and not a server today, give her an enormous tip anyway;  

2.  Milk the “it’s Mother’s Day, so I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do” thing as much as possible;  

3.  Go to McCabe’s Guitars in Santa Monica and try out really expensive guitars. I know this sounds strange, but it’s something I like to do on Father’s Day, and it’s a thrill for me, so you’d probably like it as well;  

4.  If your family uses one of those Tivo DVR TV things to record stuff on TV, “accidentally” erase the shows you don’t like, then apologize profusely. It’s Mother’s Day, so your family will let you get away with it just this once;  

5.  A lot of churches give out free stuff to moms on Mother’s Day. Flowers, coffee mugs, pens, CD’s, etc. Find out which ones near you are giving away cool stuff, and try to hit as many of those as you can.  

Happy Mother’s Day!


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2 Responses to Mother’s Day Suggestions

  1. Lisa Sanchez Ybarra says:

    Great ideas…Thanks for the wishes.

  2. Gloria says:

    You are one funny, quirky, imaginative, creative man. This mother thanks you and is still laughing at your last point.

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