A Very Special Blog Episode – Balls

Today I was remembering something very funny that happened at one of my schools a year ago. I wrote about it in a blog post from April 24, 2009, simply entitled “Balls.” Thinking about that day a year ago made me laugh today, so I thought I’d share it with you again in the form of a “Very Special Blog Episode.” In TV language, that means “rerun.” It’s always good to have something to laugh at on Mondays.



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3 Responses to A Very Special Blog Episode – Balls

  1. Moesha says:

    Unless it involves a laugh track and lip synching into non-working mikes, I’m not sure if it qualifies as “special.” !!! XOXOXO

  2. Julia says:

    This is by far my favorite episode of Charley’s blog. It has been giving me chuckles at random times all year long. Thanks for repeating it!

  3. Lisa Sanchez Ybarra says:

    I guess I forgot that one!! Thanks for the “rerun”” My tummy hurts!!!
    Again,,thanks for all the laughs!!

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