Summer Goals Update

Recently I posted several summer goals that want to get done while I’m not working full time this summer. Presumably I have extra time and I need to find things to do, so these are those.

My list went something like this…


1.  Paint the inside of my house.  Maybe not every square inch of it, but a lot of it. Progress… the kitchen is painted. The living room, dining room and hall are next.

2.  Finish a book I’ve been trying to write, but haven’t been able to because I work so freaking much. I haven’t started working on the book yet. Well, that’s not actually true, because I started working on it last winter. But I haven’t re-started it yet. But I will. I have asked one person to please read the rough drafts for me, and I’ll probably ask one more person to do the same. I do have some teaching projects to do this summer, but there’s much more down time than there is work time, so that equates to lots of writing time. So it’ll get started this week, if I don’t die from this swine-or-whatever-kind of animal flu I’ve got going on.

3.  Avoid Elvis music like the plague (due to a long, hard, but ultimately successful musical project involving 26 Elvis songs). This is going to be hard, because rumor has it that we may be doing that show again at the end of August.

4.  Another thing that I’m not going to tell you, but it’s pretty cool. It is cool, and I’m working on it.

5.  Learn to cook more than the 1 or 2 things I currently know how to cook. Last week I made chicken fajitas from scratch. This week I’ll make tacos. Oh sure, some of you people who cook a lot are probably really rolling your eyes at my rudimentary skills,  but I’m rolling mine right back at you. Plus telling you to go pound sand.

6.  Another thing that I’m not going to tell you, and it’s not necessarily cool but needs to get done. Got it going, won’t be easy, but it will be necessary. It’s in the works.

7.  Sell my cool, big antique desk. Wanna buy it?  No luck from facebook notices and no luck from Craig’s List. Time to put it on  Ebay. I may also take some photos of it and walk over to the antique stores down the street and see if they’re interested.

8.  Finish re-finishing another cool, but smaller, antique desk I bought a long time ago, and bring it in the house, as soon as one of you buys my cool, big antique desk.  Haven’t touched it.

9.  Try to get these crazy Elvis songs out of my head. Managed to get them out, and then the company scheduled that show again for late August. So they may find their way back into my brain.

10.  Come up with a 10th Summer Goal. I have one.


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