Pop Tart Suggestions

This topic came about by accident. Not like the other topics on this blog, which are obviously well thought-out and carefully considered. I’m referring, of course, to serious posts like “Blame the Girl,” “The Hanukkah Blues,” and “Why Don’t Catholics Have Carpet?” No, unlike those literary gems, today’s topic is something I just stumbled upon because of an innocent Facebook observation I made – the fact that Pop Tarts rock. What can I say – I like the Pop Tarts. Always have.

I especially like the Queen Mother of All Pop Tarts – Brown Sugar Cinnamon. I like to refer to them as “B.S. Cinnamon,” because the part of me that wants to be 10 years old feels like I’m getting away with something when I say stuff like that. Ha. Anyway, after a little discussion that started with my niece and gradually included other people with their Pop Tart opinions, I began to think of flavors of Pop Tarts that probably don’t exist, but should.

Here then is my list of Pop Tart varieties I think they should have…

1.  Lemon Herb Chicken Pop Tarts

2.  Steak Fajita Pop Tarts

3.  Shrimp Pop Tarts

4.  Bean & Cheese Pop Tarts

5.  Roasted Eggplant in Olive Oil Pop Tarts

6.  Tomato Soup Pop Tarts

7.  Turkey & Swiss on Whole Wheat Pop Tarts

8.  Angus Pop Tarts

9.  Hebrew National Pop Tarts

10.  Science Diet Pop Tarts (for our canine friends)

Your suggestions??


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2 Responses to Pop Tart Suggestions

  1. joannmski says:

    Key Lime Pie pop tart.

  2. Moesha says:

    Lox and bagel Pop Tarts!

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