Fathers, Be Good to Your Daughters

The father/daughter relationship is a special one, as any dad with a daughter can tell you. And although sometimes it’s necessary for fathers do to difficult things for their daughters, we do those things cheerfully, because of that special father/daughter bond we share.

For example, and I’m not saying I’ve ever actually done this but this is strictly, uh, hypothetical,  yeah that’s it… sometimes fathers need to go the store and buy certain girl things for their daughters. In a perfect world, the daughters would be able to take care of the girl thing problem on their own, but sometimes for various reasons the fathers find themselves in the position of having to do it.

Again, this is all hypothetical. But in these situations, you have to really feel for the fathers. You can just imagine these poor guys, standing there in the girl aisle at the supermarket, trying to find just the right girl thing, among a veritable cornucopia of girl options. For example, wings vs no wings, max, supermax, turbo, or whatever.  Then, as any frugal dad might do, once the proper girl thing is determined, these poor guys will want to look a little to the right in the same aisle, looking for the generic equivalent to save some money. Which then creates a situation of carefully studying the name brand box, then studying the generic box and going back and forth between the two for a while, carefully trying to determine whether they are in fact, the same thing.

Here’s a little marketing/display tip for the supermarket. I’ve always appreciated how at Home Depot, in the nuts/bolts/other fasteners department, they’ll have a sample of each product displayed by the various boxes, so you can see what’s in them. This might be a good product to do the same thing for, just to help out the dads/husbands. Just saying. Anyway…

To continue our hypothetical scenario, while the confused man is still figuring things out, if a woman comes into the aisle and starts looking for her own girl products, most men will probably just move on down the aisle and look at the ibuprofen, pretending to study it carefully, just to have any excuse to make a quick exit while the woman who knows what she’s doing is making her selection.

Then, when the coast is clear, our hypothetical man will return to the girl section, and just make a quick determination that the store brand is fine, and grab it and try to make a quick but inconspicuous exit. After, of course, shoving the girl product box under his arm to hide it, and then accidentally dropping the girl product box on the floor and having to pick it up. Just as other women are walking into the aisle.

Not that any of that has happened to me, of course.


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3 Responses to Fathers, Be Good to Your Daughters

  1. Megan says:

    You’re a good dad Uncle Charley

  2. joannmski says:

    There is a special kind of reward for the brave dads who have fought this battle.

  3. Leon says:

    I have been that hypothetical man on many occasions, although I never did the “drop the box and try to pick it up quickly while amused women look on” thing.

    Now my grown daughter is out on her own, and must buy her own girl products.

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