Changing Elections So They Don’t Make You Want to Stick a Pencil In Your Head

Here are a few of my thoughts about how to make elections a better experience for all concerned. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, as long as it’s not, say, someone who was already governor 30 years ago and is actually crazy. But that’s up to you.

Anyway, to make elections work a little better, for me anyway, here are some considerations:

1.  Have online voting. It can’t be that hard to implement, and the error rate can’t be any greater than we already have anyway. We’d probably get results much quicker.

2.  Allow registered voters to vote at any polling place in the state. Which would mean, of course, that there would have to be some sort of online capability at polling places, to verify whether or not you’re a registered voter. I’m just saying, it seems kind of ridiculous that there’s a polling place at my place of employment (a school), but I can’t vote there because I live 4 miles away.

3.  Don’t allow people who were governor 30 years ago, and are crazy, to run for public office again.

4.  Much like a new job, have a probationary period of three months for any elected official. If they don’t do what they promised, whatever it is, they lose their job and have to be banned from the state forever, after first suffering some sort of public humiliation.

5.  Stop accusing wealthy candidates of trying to “buy elections.” It’s expensive to run for office, and of course people who have money are going to spend a lot of it trying to win. What would you expect them to do?

OK, my election rant is over. Have fun voting tomorrow.


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1 Response to Changing Elections So They Don’t Make You Want to Stick a Pencil In Your Head

  1. Justonevote says:

    Perfect, Charley! I agree with points 1, 2, 4, and 5…especially 5! I’d love to see some politicians “repossessed” and have repo men actually show up at their offices on day 91 and remove them from their desk…and tow them away!

    Online voting was one the ideas I had hoped to hear from the candidate from Silicon Valley…or, something like, “I’d run the DMV more like Netflix than like Blockbuster.” Or, let’s run the state board of equalization like E-Bay, and let us bid on our taxes.

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