Three Thoughts About Insanity

1.  I spent the day Saturday with close to 800 people from Mosaic, my church, and the theme of the day was “I Choose Insanity.” I’ll write more about this in the coming days and weeks, but let me just clarify that in this context, “insanity” is a metaphor for taking risks and going for the impossible in our relationship with God and what he’s doing in the world. It (probably) has nothing to do with actual mental illness;

2.  It’s Sunday night, and tomorrow morning it will be time to hit it again with all my classes of K-8th Graders at school, many of whom also appear to “choose insanity;”

3.  My K-8th graders’ choice of insanity probably has nothing to do with actual mental illness either – it’s just the fact that they’re K-8th graders.


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1 Response to Three Thoughts About Insanity

  1. Anita Miller says:

    Charley, Havent’ read your blog in awhile. I missed it. You are too funny! I bet your insane K-8th graders LOVE you!

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