Team Six

Today (Tuesday, July 5) was a hard day in Uganda, but an amazing one. I’d like to write about all of it, and at some point I will. However, one of the rules of good blogging is to be succinct, so I’m just going to write about Team Six – the rock stars of Loving One by One’s de-worming clinic.

 Sorry if this is gross, but here’s the scoop. Apparently, intestinal worms are a problem in Uganda. Yuck. To help with that problem, LOBO takes teams of people into neighborhoods (by “neighborhoods,” I’m referring to some of the dirtiest, smelliest, most depressing areas I’ve ever seen) and gives children little chewable tablets to help with the intestinal worm thing. Again, I know it’s gross, but the good news is that it’s helping with the problem.

 To efficiently serve the 1000-plus people with worm issues who we needed to help today, we divided up into six teams of people to dispense the medicine. I was on Team Six, and like I said, we rocked.  Nothing against the other people in Teams 1-5, and they were all probably amazing. But Team Six was the one. Eliana, Stephanie and I had it going on. I’m sure that years from now in the Acholi Village (aka slum), people will be talking about today and how a bunch of white people came to help with the worm problem, and they’ll say things like, “Who did you get your worm tablet, your crazy elastic bracelet and your cookies from?” “Um, I think I had Team 3.” “Oh – they were probably fine – I mean, at least you don’t still have intestinal worms. But I had Team Six.” “What???? You got Team Six???? Oh man – I’ve heard about those guys. You’re so lucky.”

Team Six was the farthest team from the entrance to the deworming clinic area, and sometimes people would sort of, by default, go to the closer stations of Teams 1-5. Kind of like when you’re in Target and you go to the closer checkout counters with the longer lines, and don’t bother to look a little farther and see the shorter line someplace else. But once I yelled out, “No waiting on aisle six!!!” people began to move down and let us take care of them.

So, nice job Teams 1-5. I’m sure you did your best. But Team Six fellow members…. You guys were legendary. I’m just saying.


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