Brain Dump from Uganda, July 11

Long day today. Here are some of the highlights…

We visited Prayer Mountain, which is a big hill where people come from all over Uganda to spend hours, days or weeks praying. Oddly enough, there are also monkeys there, so besides the blessings of prayer, they also have the added bonus of monkeys;

Our medical clinic in the Nowanga (not sure of the spelling) Slum was a continuation of last Saturday, just a little bit down the street. Slow, but intense clinic. I of course, continued to rock people’s worlds with my optometry skills. In addition to that…

We performed a minor surgery, removing a large infected growth from behind a baby’s ear, without anesthesia. Sounds painful, and apparently it was, judging from the screams I heard down the hall;

One mother begged one of our team members to take her little girl home to the U.S. That gives you an idea of how hopeless parents feel for their children here;

I took a walk through the actual neighborhood part of the slum area (our clinic was in the school). It was the worst place I’ve seen yet. I know I keep saying that, but today made the other places we’ve seen look like Beverly Hills. I’ll post photos when I get home and have a better connection.

We just have a few days left, and we are all getting tired. Pray for us as we power through the rest of this week.


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2 Responses to Brain Dump from Uganda, July 11

  1. Allison says:

    You are doing something amazing Uncle Charley! Keep it up!! Give everything you have these last few days – you will not regret it – rest will come when you are home.
    And I cannot imagine being so hopeless that I beg a stranger to take my children ….. so sad 😦

  2. Keji says:

    Praying for you guys, Charley!! Thanks for updating us so often!

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