Saying Goodbye to Borders

Pretty provacative title, right? I’ll bet you think I’m going to write something deep, like how we’re all one and there should be no barriers between countries and all that other crap. Sorry – I’m writing about the closing of Borders Book Stores, and how bummed I am about that.

I have been going into Borders Torrance since it opened in the early 90’s. I’ve always liked their coffee, and would frequently hang out there and have coffee and read books – not necessarily buying the books, but reading them. If I liked a book, I’d usually go home and order it from Amazon because it was cheaper. But I always appreciated Borders’ generosity in letting me try the books out first in their store.

I also liked their clearance section, because I knew that no matter how much I liked a new expensive book, if I gave it six months or so, I’d see it for $4.99 in the clearance section. That was always good news for me.

You know – I think those last two paragraphs may explain why Borders is going out of business. Sorry about that, Borders. I guess I only have another month or so to get more of your coffee, and maybe buy some of your books during your final clearance. Unless Amazon is cheaper.


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2 Responses to Saying Goodbye to Borders

  1. Leon says:

    Maybe Amazon should start selling coffee. No wait, that wouldn’t work, it would probably be cold by the time it reached you. (and the UPS guy might spill it…)

  2. Books Without Borders says:

    I actually worked at a Borders store for a short time during a transition, and it was the best job I’ve ever had. I feel for the 12,000 people who will be laid off — it’s been a great place for people who love love books and reading to work…now where do they go? At least we’ll be seeing some very literate, creative “will work for food” signs.

    Sad sad day.

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