A Happy Ending For Grace


On July 13, our Loving One by One medical team was working at the Sudanese Slum area near Kampala, Uganda. While working with hundreds of patients, we found a 15-yr-old girl named Grace.

Grace was suffering from heart and kidney failure, and our doctor recommended that she be hospitalized immediately. We were able to put her and her mother on a motorcycle and get them to a hospital. Over the next several weeks, LOBO followed up with Grace and her mother, and even brought them to live at the New Creation Family Home for a while, where they could receive the rest and love they needed.

While staying at the Home, Grace and her mother became followers of Jesus.

Soon it was time for Grace and her mother to return home. Grace still wasn’t well, but there were other children in the family to care for, and Grace’s mother had to get back for them, and to resume her business selling vegetables to support them. The plan was to bring Grace back to the hospital in about a month.

Sadly, Grace died today, August 23,  at a hospital close to her home.

For the last six weeks of Grace’s life, a group of volunteers, along with the LOBO staff, plus the 17 children of New Creation Family Home, were able to care for her and love her, and pray for her and give her hope. The outcome wasn’t what any of us hoped for.

But while Grace was with us, she and her mother became followers of Jesus. And now she’s with him, and someday her mother will be with her again.

Sometimes the work LOBO does in Uganda has a happy ending. Sometimes it doesn’t. We’re all a little sad and disappointed, and the children at New Creation Home are having a hard time processing it.

But it’s a happy ending for Grace.


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