An Unusual Opportunity to Give

       Once in a while, there are unusual opportunities to give. That sentence may seem strange to you, but to me it makes perfect sense. Being able to give to others is an opportunity. Being able to give to others, in a way that radically changes a life, is a bigger opportunity. And being able to give, in a way that radically affects a generation, is rare. That’s the opportunity you and I are now presented with.

As most of my readers know, I had an opportunity to go to Uganda to work with Loving One By One (LOBO) this past July. You can read all those blog posts by clicking the “Uganda” tab at the top of this page.

Early this year, LOBO was able to purchase nine acres of land outside of Kampala, Uganda, through the generous donations of its supporters. In July, I saw the land and walked through it. It’s located up in a hilly, rural area, and you can literally see for miles in all directions (see photo, top left). It’s an amazing gift, and the vision of LOBO is to build new facilities there to have their children’s home, their school, and housing for visiting volunteers all in one beautiful location.

It’s time to get this party started. The decision has been made to build and relocate the children’s home first. And now is the perfect opportunity to help make this happen. But it’s a short window of opportunity, and I’m urging you to take advantage of it quickly. 

From now until the end of December, all monetary gifts to LOBO which are specifically designated for the construction project, will be matched by an anonymous donor up to $50,000. Basically, whatever you give to LOBO during the next 2 1/2 months toward construction, will be doubled.

So here’s the push. Many of you have been moved by my blog posts and stories from Uganda. Many of you have had questions, and have expressed interest in helping, and even possibly going there yourself. That would be great if you could go. But right now, we are faced with a unique, and very short, opportunity.

If you believe this is a worthwhile organization, you need to think about making a donation. I realize that’s a little blunt, but we might as well cut to the razzle dazzle here (I like saying  “cut to the razzle dazzle” more than “cut to the chase”).  

I’ve been there and have seen the work, and have helped do some of the work. I’ve seen where the children’s home is currently located. For reasons that are too long to explain here, the current location of the children’s home is not ideal, and it’s time to move it. I’ve walked through the new land. Trust me – this is an amazing opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of children for years to come, not just to rescue them now, but to teach them to be men and women who will reshape their culture. Basically, this is something that matters.  

If you’d like to help with this project, you can write a check directly to “Loving One By One Ministries, 78206 Varner Rd, Suite D-294, Palm Desert, CA 92211.” Your donation is tax deductible. More important than that, your donation matters. I’ve seen firsthand how donations to LOBO are used, and it’s amazing how much is squeezed out of every dollar.

If you have any questions about LOBO or this project, please contact me. You can also click on the link at the right side of this page.

I know this is a strong request, and I know that many of you are already generously sharing your resources in other ways, for many worthwhile organizations. But if you are looking for an opportunity for your gift to make a huge difference for a very special organization, now is the time. 



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2 Responses to An Unusual Opportunity to Give

  1. rich says:

    you’re a member of los lobos – cool
    I plan to conrtibute.

  2. Jude says:

    I am excited to have a new p/t job, so now (finally) I can give! Sorry I wasn’t able to help you out sooner when you went there.

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