Admittedly Weird

In an effort to become more connected with you, my vast reading audience, I think it’s time for some self-disclosure. I’m choosing “self” disclosure, because it really isn’t my place to disclose anybody else.

There are a few things about me, maybe more than a few, that are weird. I’m admitting that. That’s why this blog is called “Admittedly Weird.” So I’m going to list a few of those things right here. See, I feel closer to all of you already, and the list hasn’t even officially started yet. OK, here we go:

Although the Moons Over My Hammy at Denny’s is officially a sandwich, I eat it with a knife and fork;

I actually order the Moons Over My Hammy, just because I enjoy saying Moons Over My Hammy;

I have a stuffed penguin, wearing a red winter cap, on my piano. He accidentally didn’t get  put away with the Christmas stuff in 2010, and he now permanently lives in that spot. This year, we purposely left him out because he just seems to be happy there;

I have a hard time spelling the word “weird.” Which made writing the title of this blog post a little difficult. I always forget whether it’s “weird” or “wierd,” because really, both spellings look a little weerd;

When I’m walking on the strand in Hermosa Beach CA, listening to my iPod, and people are walking their dogs near me, I’m convinced the dogs are actually hearing the same music I’m hearing (even though none of them are wearing headphones), and are actually walking with the beat;

I have certain socks I like more than other socks, and I totally don’t care if the other socks’ feelings are hurt.

Well, that’s enough self-disclosure. I feel a renewed sense of freedom getting all that out in the open. So, tell me some of your weird stuff!



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2 Responses to Admittedly Weird

  1. Leon says:

    I will never use a drive through for anything. I must see the person with whom I am transacting any kind of business face to face. Pretty wierd, huh?

  2. No Moons Over My Hammy says:

    In restaurants, I must sit facing the door, and never facing another human being in the next booth or table over, or else I am too uncomfortable to enjoy my meal. And I will not order Moons over My Hammy on principle.

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