More Book Stuff

Thanks to all my blog readers for a great response yesterday with the release of Waking Up in Africa. Sales are rapidly approaching double digit figures.

A few people have wondered how to get the book without specifically having a Kindle reader. No problem. It’s easy. Here’s the link for the free Kindle reader software for PC. And here’s the link for the Kindle reader software for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iNapkin to Write Notes On, iSpiral Notebook, iStone Tablets (Moses’ personal preference), and other assorted iStuff.

That’s it. Have fun, and oh yeah – buy the stinkin’ book!


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4 Responses to More Book Stuff

  1. donjane says:

    Bought it, read it and sent some as gifts! What are sisters for! Don is not allowed to by any article of clothing with the word Muzungu on it, although he tries to slip by with them.

  2. Erin says:

    Just finished the book. Brought back lots of memories. I went on a LOBO trip in early 2008 and will be going back in May. Can’t wait. Just wanted to let you know “you nailed it.”

  3. charleysblog says:

    Thanks Erin! Good to know I’m not crazy after all, and remembered it accurately. Have a great trip.

  4. charleysblog says:

    Jane, I’m not exactly sure what sisters are for.

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