Help Me Find Some Regular People Who Are Changing the World

I’m in the process of thinking through a few new book ideas, and I’d like your help with one of them. From the title of this post, you probably have a clue what it’s about.

I’m looking for normal people who are doing phenomenal, world-changing things. Not necessarily famous people, not necessarily wealthy or influential – more like regular, average people who saw a problem or injustice, and decided to commit themselves to resolving it. People who ran into situations that others call impossible, and decided to fix things anyway.

If I can find enough people with stories like that, and if the stories are engaging (and possibly entertaining) enough, I may include them in a collection of stories about regular people who are changing the world. No promises – it’s just one of several ideas I’m considering. But I’d love to hear about some of these “regular” people, if you know of them. At the very least, I’d love to meet some of the people who have inspired you.

If you have a story or example to send me, send it to

Thanks for your help. Who knows what will happen….


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2 Responses to Help Me Find Some Regular People Who Are Changing the World

  1. Candy Messer says:

    I attended an event sponsored by the Torrance Chamber last year and the keynote speaker was a woman who started a company with her tax refund to help women in third world countries by offering employment to them. She has them make items that she imports into the U.S. to sell here such as jewelry, purses or clothing. Because of her, women have been able to provide for their families, and even buy property. I forget her name, but the company was called Global Girlfriend. Their site is

  2. Erin Speer says:

    There’s always my friend Steph and the rest of the staff at Bridges of Hope in South Africa – changing the lives of Orphans from the townships. I also recently met another Stephanie who runs Coleccione Luna out of Guatemala – recycling textiles and empowering women in need with employment and fair pay. She’s pretty amazing, too! You can read about the company and what they’re doing in Guatemala here:

    Great idea, Charley! Hope this helps!

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