Stuff That Happened Since August 17

I have neglected the blog lately, and for that I deeply apologize. Well, not deeply – more like a regular apology. But anyway, I haven’t written anything on here since August 17, when I ridiculed Christian Bookstores. So I need get back on the horse – not a literal horse because I live in a city – but the blog horse if you will, and crank some stuff out here.

So since August 17, the following things (and more) have happened….

School started (that matters, because I’m a teacher);

I changed the oil in my car (that matters because my car has a million miles on it);

I officially decided to return to Uganda next summer (that matters because it just does);

My private music teaching schedule is maxed out – although I could probably squeeze in a few more. I know that seems mathematically impossible, but I could still do it;

I sold stuff on ebay and elsewhere in an effort to see the floor of my garage again;

I vacuumed approximately 4 times;

I started working on new book ideas;

I started working on my annual Christmas project for Mattel;

I made the decision to switch to a Mac (no actual switch yet, but an actual decision);

I put ukuleles in the hands of a bunch of 6th graders;

I heard a bunch of 6th graders happily playing out-of-tune ukuleles (they were in tune when I put them in their hands);

I got a jury summons and postponed it;

I heard a huge, Chevy Tahoe-sized branch break and fall from a neighbor’s tree (causing no damage, but causing a dog to bark).

OK, that’s pretty much my life for the past several weeks. We’re all caught up. Stay tuned for more soon.


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2 Responses to Stuff That Happened Since August 17

  1. Anonymous says:

    I especially like the Mac part…shows you r willing to change 😉 …( not a stubborn old

  2. donjane says:

    Uganda next summer? By way of Nairobi????

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