The Final Report on “Uganda: the Sequel”

207253_10151258551701717_1824673613_n 559703_10151258551636717_76576147_nOn Sunday, February 24, I along with about 40 friends met at a beautiful home in Rancho Palos Verdes California, overlooking the Pacific. In an afternoon full of great music and reunions with friends, a significant amount was raised toward my summer Uganda trip, and I wanted to share that result with you.

At this past Sunday’s concert (and in the few days preceding and following), a total of $2500 was raised (well, $2495. I’ll just call it $2500).

I’m amazed, overwhelmed and pretty darn thankful about that. I have contacted each donor and thanked them, other than those who gave cash donations. Since I don’t have those names, this is for them….. Thank you!

So we’re almost there. The entire cost of the trip will be around $3500 (higher than expected due to a sharp increase in airfare). I don’t want to make a big deal out of this any longer, and don’t plan to post further sponsor appeals. I do know a few others are either planning to help with the support, or are considering it. That’s great news. I’m waiting to see what God does in the next several weeks.

So if you’d still like to help with this summer’s trip to Uganda with Loving One by One Ministries, send me an email and I’ll give you further info on how you can help or further info on Loving One by One in general. Your donations toward this trip are tax deductible. I can be reached at

With that, the blog will soon return to other topics, such as Pope Benedict’s red shoes and other pressing issues. Thanks again!

Above photos by Jeff Kyle


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