Blog Neglect, Catching Up

Hello Readers. Once in a while, the blog gets a little neglected, and that’s currently the case. I needed to go to the blog tonight to find some photos to use for something else, and that’s when I thought – holy cow, I haven’t written anything here since mid-March. And yes, my thought actually included the words “holy cow.”

So let’s see… when we left off in mid-March, I told you all that I am in fact returning to Uganda in a few months thanks to the generosity of sponsors who are helping to make that happen. I will be on a team with Loving One by One in the month of July. But don’t think about messing with my house during that time – it’ll be guarded by a fierce person;

Meanwhile here in So. Calif, the work goes on… lots of school stuff and freelance musician stuff…

I’ve played keyboard for a few productions of  “Hairspray,” and my vocabulary now includes the word “Afro-tastic.” I’m not going to explain it – it’ll make sense if you ever see the musical;

School kids are still school kids. For example, a girl was missing from my kindergarten music class the other day. When  I asked about her,  I was given a full and colorful description of her diarrhea episode which apparently began that morning at school, and was the reason behind (as it were) her going home early.  I’m also up on who had it before she got it. Kindergartners are thorough communicators. Typical school day.

I’m still playing piano in a big band. I mean, actually big, with horns and lots of Count Basie music.

And of course, the world is still the whacky, scary place it was the last time I blogged. Lots of problems out there, not the least of which is the fact that most people still don’t understand the whole “your,” “you’re” and “ur” thing.

So I’ll do my best to write more often and weigh in on these and other weighty matters. Oh, speaking of weighty matters, I joined a gym. So there’s that, too.

Stay tuned for fun stories. The blog is back!


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