A New Use for SPAM?

Since today was a day off, I don’t have any serious disease-ridden stories for you. Trust me, a lot more of those will appear in the next few days. However, the important information and education here on charleysblog continues. Here’s a little tidbit you may want to know.

We had to mix a powdered form of amoxicillin at our clinic yesterday, a lot of it actually. It was called “Spamox.” Looks like 2010-07-01 01.39.50   they’ve found yet another use for SPAM.


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3 Responses to A New Use for SPAM?

  1. sushant says:

    hi charlie that is my product spamox 🙂 cheers

  2. charleysblog says:

    You’re kidding me! Well, I just clicked on your link, and I guess you’re not kidding me. We used your product to help a lot of people in Uganda. Seems to be good stuff. 🙂

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