Scrambled Eggs, Westgate Mall

Exactly two months ago, I ate breakfast at this place – the Artcaffe at Westgate Mall in Nairobi. Amazing scrambled eggs.

Today, this guy was at the Artcaffe – and not for the scrambled eggs….

This is the kind of thing I usually don’t think about very much. When terrorist wackos attack in other countries, I notice, and I feel bad about it, but I have to admit it doesn’t stay on my mind very long. But this time it’s different, because A) I was just there having great scrambled eggs two months ago, and B) I have family living about 2 miles from the mall, and they and their friends go to the Artcaffe sometimes.

So, I guess I’m just kind of over all the terrorist wackos.  These people were just hanging out on a Saturday at a nice mall. Probably having scrambled eggs. And I’m wondering how long it’ll be before the wackos attack malls here in the U.S., including the one near my house where my daughter works.

The details aren’t fully out about what the Kenyan military has been doing in the mall the past half day or so, trying to get hostages out. But I’m hoping that when the details come to light, there will be at least a few stories of Kenyan military guys inflicting lots of pain on terrorist wacko guys.

Sorry – that’s probably not very kind. But I’m just really over the terrorist wackos.


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