Awareness Months

I found out today that last month (October) was Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I didn’t know we had a DV Awareness Month, but that’s a good thing (the awareness, not the domestic violence). And then immediately, my mind started thinking of all the other Awareness Months we need and I wanted to come up with a list.

Before making my own list, however, I managed to find an actual “List of Commemorative Months.” Pretty cool. I’m not going to copy the entire list here, but it included things like National Celery Month (March), National Safe Digging Month (April), National Greyhound Adoption Month (also April), and National Pet Month (May), which probably doesn’t include greyhounds since they have a whole other month to themselves. And October happens to be Dyslexia Awareness Month, sometimes known as Dyslexia Awareness Mnoth, or Dyslexia Month Awareness. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Since I care a lot about the world, or maybe since I’m bugged by a lot of things in the world, I’ve come up with my own list of Awareness Month ideas. I don’t really care which actual calendar month we use for which cause, so that’s something I guess we can work out later:

Guitar Tuning Awareness Month (any stringed instrument can be substituted for “guitar”). May also be known as Please Tune Your Guitar Before I Die Month;

Don’t Talk While I’m Talking Month (aimed at school children, probably best scheduled between the months of September and June);

Go To the Bathroom During Recess Month (also aimed at school children, also best between September and June); 

Coffee Awareness Month (a month where no one is allowed to drink bad coffee. May also be known as “Get-Folgers-and-Yuban-Off-the-Shelves Month”); 

Flush & Burn Awareness Month (you get to choose any residence, in your own city, and somehow make the toilet flushes in your house burn people in the shower of that other residence). A great way to raise awareness of the all-too-real problem of shower burns, while sticking it to someone at the same time;

Teach That Drummer to Count Month (a month where we try to help drummers count consistently to four, while maintaining a steady speed. May or may not be based on recent actual events from my own life).

Send me your Awareness Month ideas!


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