Keep Sponsoring Your Child

IMG_0167It’s usually not a good idea for me to write more serious blog posts A) before I’ve taken a lot of time to think about what I want to say, and B) when I’m not fully awake. I’m violating both of those rules this morning, but I want to say something related to World Vision’s recent decision to employ gay people who are in legally-defined marriages, according to the state in which they live.

I don’t sponsor any children through World Vision, but if I did, I would keep sponsoring them. I would keep my decision to take care of that child, or multiple children, separate from my beliefs about same-sex marriage. Having been to Uganda a few times to work with a much smaller organization that does similar work, and now being part of the board of directors for that organization, and personally sponsoring two children through that organization, and seeing what it’s like to live under those conditions, and having committed myself to serving in Uganda for the foreseeable future – I just can’t imagine pulling sponsorship away from a child (or a community, depending on how World Vision administrates the funding), and explaining my decision to that child. That seems a little harsh.

I may write more about World Vision another time. Maybe, when I’ve been awake longer, have had more coffee, and feel like I have something helpful to contribute to the discussion. In the meantime, I would encourage you to read more than one writer’s reporting on it, and think before you say too much. And above all – do not cancel your sponsorship, at least until your sponsored child is grown.

Of course, if you’re looking to sponsor a child in a developing country or to get involved in some way, and you’re looking for an option other than World Vision, we will gladly put your funds to good use at Loving One by One.

Thank you, and Happy Wednesday.


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1 Response to Keep Sponsoring Your Child

  1. Rachel Merritt says:

    I totally agree with you Charley! Innocent children who are in need shouldn’t be penalized for the lifestyle of the generous individual who opens his/her heart with any kind of benevolence. I think that before critics balk at this viewpoint, they should remember John 15:12-15, wherein we are commanded to love one another as He loves us: unconditionally, wholly and purely. The epitome of this love manifests itself when people like you and LOBO take your glorious trips to care for the least of these.
    Back in the day we would say ” all lovin’ is good lovin’ ” . I still believe it.

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